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Shiatsu Therapy

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Effects of Trauma

After a significant trauma, what were once ordinary tasks of daily life, work responsibilities, and relationship demands can feel insurmountable. You may feel "scattered" or like you are living in a fog. Even filling out forms, remembering phone numbers and where things go can be challenging.

It is easy to start doubting your abilities, skills and judgment. Feelings of inadequacy and shame, or thoughts that you have not done enough to help yourself or others are common.

"I just didn't get it right. I'm going crazy, I'm not going to be myself again. I'm losing my grip." Are these thoughts and feelings that sound familiar?

Your memory and concentration may be suffering. Is staying focused on a conversation or keeping a train of thought difficult?

Another big impact can be on your ability to sleep. With your sleep disrupted, your basic mechanism for rest and rejuvenation is disabled. A cycle is set up where the less sleep you get the more you feel overwhelmed.

If you have experienced abuse or another developmental trauma in your early years you may have difficulty feeling worthy and you may have problems with intimacy in relationships. You may fear getting too close to someone or you may have repeated relationships that are painful.

Any of the above symptoms you are experiencing can be a reaction to the traumatic event(s) you have experienced.


How Trauma Therapy and Counselling Can Help

Your nervous system has been set on high alert because of the physical and emotional trauma you have experienced. If you are suffering from symptoms of trauma this means your nervous system has not been able to absorb or integrate the experience fully. Because of this, it is important to reset your nervous system and allow for a more complete processing of the traumatic experience that has occurred in your life. This can be done, by working with your mind, body, and emotions as a complete unit. Effective trauma repair counselling often includes a focus on your body sensations and movement along with your thoughts, and emotions. The focus on the body gives your nervous system an opportunity to release the energy blocked in your body at the time of the trauma event. During the traumatic event when any natural attempts to defend or protect yourself are blocked, the energy of that attempt can become locked in your body and your brain. The body "knows" what it needs to do to release this energy when given the opportunity through specialized trauma counselling. Once your body releases the trauma, your life will improve dramatically. You will feel better about yourself, happier and freer, relationships will improve and you will feel more optimistic about your future.


Why Choose Me As Your Trauma Therapist?

In addition to my training in counselling I have specialized training in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR), Therapeutic Enactment (TE) and Shiatsu Therapy. All these methods of counselling and therapy focus on the mind, body and emotions and are very effective in overcoming the symptoms of trauma. My skills in these methods of therapy give me an intricate knowledge and understanding of how the nervous system, energetic system, emotions, thoughts and body interrelate. They are invaluable therapy tools, which will allow you to live your life with relief from the effects of trauma.

The beauty of the Sensorimotor and energetic focus of my counselling and therapy work is that it helps make the shift in your nervous system that just talking and reasoning can't do on its own.


The Next Steps Towards Regaining Control In Your Life:

To find out more about how trauma counselling and therapy can help you, please contact me at:

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If you are ready to book a counselling appointment please call me at the above number.