Joe Barnwell is a trauma therapist and counsellor providing therapy and counselling services in North Vancouver, BC

cell: 604·649·1126

email: joe@thewellnessfactor.ca

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Has a Traumatic Experience Turned Your
World Upside Down?

A trauma therapist can support you in relieving the symptoms of trauma and regaining control of your life.


There are many symptoms of trauma. Which of these are you experiencing?

inability to focus difficulty sleeping nightmares, flashbacks • obsessive thoughts unstable emotions irritability, anger feeling anxious fear of being alone feeling unsafe relationship struggles substance misuse loss of motivation unable to function at work fears of returning to the activity or place related to the event

There Is hope. Perhaps it's time for some trauma repair counselling.

If you are suffering symptoms of trauma, the good news is that your nervous system, which is on high alert and likely in a spiral of negativity, can be reset. Trauma repair counselling works best when a holistic approach is taken. Talk therapy alone often is not enough. You can recover your abilities and return to your normal sense of self and functioning, through trauma counselling. Reestablish your ability to sleep. Regain your concentration, focus and functioning at work and the tasks of daily life. Feel confident in your self, your abilities and what you have to offer. Find a sense of safety and calm. Strengthen your connections with friends and family. Relax and have fun again.

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