Joe Barnwell is a trauma therapist and counsellor providing therapy and counselling services in North Vancouver, BC

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My Approach to Trauma Therapy


The Therapy Relationship

What you can expect from me in counselling is my undivided attention and genuine interest in what your concerns and goals are. If your goals are unclear then you can expect me to work with you to clarify those. You can expect me to initially help stabilize and contain the distress you are experiencing. Together we will choose the areas that are most relevant for you to focus on. I view therapy as an opportunity for positive change in your life. Developing a strong and safe working relationship is essential for this change. You can expect from me a curiosity about what is working and not working for you in your life and in therapy, and to help support your own curiosity about that.


A Holistic Approach To Therapy with Trauma

My approach to trauma counselling is holistic. This means that the focus of our work in therapy is on your thoughts, emotions and physical experiences combined. My additional training and practice in Therapeutic Enactment, EMDR, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, and Shiatsu Therapy, provide a solid platform for working with body sensations, sense perceptions, movement, and energy together with thought and emotion. More than ever, a holistic approach is being recognized in the field of psychotherapy as valuable, if not essential, for trauma repair.

The reason for this holistic approach is that your body and nervous system still have a reaction to the trauma that has not been discharged. Talking alone cannot release this, but paying attention to what your body "knows" it needs to do is the key. A large part of our therapy work together will be to develop your skills of listening to your body and how you organize your experience.

For therapy to be productive, I expect to see from you a personal commitment and an interest in challenging yourself. As a counsellor, I am interested in helping you both discover and access your personal resources and natural capacities for a more balanced life.

If you would like to find out more about my therapy services for trauma, please contact me at:

604·649·1126 or joe@thewellnessfactor.ca

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My Approach